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We have a wide range of products in stock and all the latest smoking kits you are looking for and accessories, we have recreational and medical marijuana,THC Cartridges, Concentrates,Prerolls,CBD,Topicals,Tinctures,and many more are of high-quality so you can be sure of a great smoking experience

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We are more than just a cannabis delivery company

We deliver supreme quality products that separate us from the rest. Our commitment to quality and uniqueness has led to a strong and loyal fanbase that has developed over the years.

Our commitment to quality and originality has provided us with a loyal and strong fan base that has grown over the years. This has allowed us to grow beyond the sale of recreational and medical cannabis into a cannabis lifestyle company.

We want our customers to look and feel great while showing their love for cannabis. If you love cannabis, you’ll probably find all your favorite products here.

All our products are in stocked and ready for delivery. Customers can order products from our website, including individuals and businesses that want to offer products in their stores.

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I was helped by Selena, she was so nice and helpful, very professional and friendly.
The guard outside wasn’t invasive or rude, actually was very professional and was doing his job, checking my id in a professional way
I had good buds and good times here

Mark scotton / Facebook

One of the best dispensaries in la would definitely recommend this one for anyone visiting LA , the staff was amazing and they have amazing deals.

william watt / Facebook

Clean, every strain of bud you can imagine. Vapes and edibles. Drinks and phat rolled joints. Quality service and safe.

Mirabel Milla / Facebook

Where dispensary comes with a different lifestyle but we are high to make you feel and taste high life with 420